The Order of Things


Work in progress, started 2012


Like oblivious drones, the human race hurtles ahead towards an imbalanced future. The balance is breaking down and soon Karla will fall through the cracks we have created. She is set on a path to find the equilibrium and start in motion a chain of events that will destroy or bring back to order, the world we live in.


Short excerpt from chapter 1...


The red light of the setting sun silhouetted the iridescent green mountains in the distance and a large ancient crater rose up from the water, bursting with lush tropical bounty. Just as Karla thought they had arrived in the Garden of Eden they plane came over the rise of the crater to reveal the city beyond. The human sprawl spread far and wide, banked up behind tall buildings that clawed at the edge of the beach. In the twilight of dusk roads carved smooth lines, snaking between the buildings and the lights from hundreds of cars glittered as they rushed along, like busy ants collecting crumbs. The plane banked around and just like that the city was gone, all Karla could see now where the sun kissed clouds.