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A Short History


            I was popped out of eternity many moons ago into the Honey family with 2 older brothers, mum and dad all there ahead of me. Mum was an artist that put food on the table by working as a nurse and dad was a farmer that put food on the table by killing the odd sheep. So it will be no surprise that I grew up on a farm out side Geelong, Victoria, Australia. My younger years where spent in a ‘Lord of the Flies’ existence with my 2 older brothers, by myself or with my good friend who lived close by (4 paddocks away).
            My mum never got the chance to learn an instrument and was going to make dam sure we got the opportunities she never had. So at the age of 5, I started with the violin but after a year of scales and not much progress I changed direction and decided the piano was the instrument I wanted to learn. After several years of Piano and not much interest in exams I decided I wanted to play music just for me, stopped formal lessons and taught myself. I sight this as the time I truly began to play and write. Even though written music was put in front of me I always learned by ear so the transition to independent learning came easy. From my early teens on I was regularly the last person to sleep in our large old house, with only the ghosts to listen.
            Along the journey I picked up the trumpet and by 16 I started Opera voice lessons in Melbourne.

            The rest of my artistic journey is documented on this website.



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